Preparing for a Holiday at the Bahamas

Tuesday January 02nd 2018

Many individuals, couples, and families are choosing to “take the holidays off” this year. Instead of joining in the whirlwind of activities that typically surround the season, a lot of people wish to get away from the cold weather and go somewhere tropical – like the Bahamas. If you’re planning a cruise in the Bahamas […]

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Freeport Nightlife

Wednesday December 27th 2017

Bohemian Nightlife Dance the night away in paradise with the best nightlife and mixed drinks on the Grand Bahamas Island. What better way to celebrate vacation than a perfectly fruity cocktail? Relax watching the sunset slip into night, then slip on something for a night out on the island!   Clubs, Bars and Lounges – Club Amnesia […]

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Invaluable travel advice for first time cruisers – What you should know

Friday December 15th 2017

If you are worried about what to expect during your first cruise trip, here’s something to help you out. Embark on your vacation prepared, to get the best experience from your first cruise trip. For our newbie travelers, we’ve narrowed down a few tips that will help you navigate your plans better. Budget it Most […]

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A cruise vacation can be the perfect honeymoon

Monday December 11th 2017

     There’s no better way to celebrate your marriage than getting yourself a perfect honeymoon vacation.  And there’s nothing more romantic than sailing away together into a scenic and blissful world. The soothing tropics, breezy environs, glimmering turquoise waters and the surroundings brimming with romance, call for a dreamy honeymoon vacation.  So if you and your […]

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How to make your cruise vacation the perfect weekend getaway

Wednesday December 06th 2017

How many of us think about a cruise vacation when we are planning for a short weekend getaway? Most of us come with the preconceived idea that a cruise vacation lasts for days, if not weeks. A short weekend would definitely not be enough time to embark on this adventure. Right? Wrong! Nowadays all major […]

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A Cruise Trip to the Bahamas can be the Best Family Vacation

Friday December 01st 2017

Remember the time when you were tearing your hair out trying to organize a family vacation? Or the time you were trying to decide where to go, juggling between what your parents would like and what would get your kids excited? Obviously, they both want different things. So here we are, to help you have […]

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Local Cuisine Must-Haves in the Bahamas

Tuesday November 21st 2017

  If you think the picturesque beauty of the Bahamas was enough to leave you charmed, chances are, you’ve probably left Bahamas unexplored. The visuals of white sand, palm trees and the serene waters take you to an entire different world of bliss. But the place has much more to offer than just the scenic […]

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The Bahamas Most Popular Beaches

Tuesday October 24th 2017

If you’ve never been to the Bahamas and you are planning a trip, you might be wondering which beaches are most popular. Yes, there are hundreds of beaches. Some are more secluded, some are easier to access, some are better for surfing or kayaking. We are listing the beaches that are most popular. Depending on […]

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Four Bahamas Adventures You Shouldn’t Skip

Saturday September 23rd 2017

If your thoughts are consumed with daydreaming about beaches and pina coladas, you are browsing swimming suits online, and you can’t stop thinking about getting away from it all, you may have a case of “vacationitis.” Don’t worry,  there are plenty of treatment options available. The easiest way to treat these agonizing symptoms is to […]

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“I Used Bahamas Landing to Book My Bahamas Cruise Vacation.”

Thursday August 31st 2017

We interviewed Mary, one of our awesome cruisers, about her recent experience booking her Bahamas vacation with Bahamas Landing and the amazing vacation she had with her husband. Read on for her tips and anecdotes. How did your Bahamas vacation start? My husband and I wanted to make the trip as affordable as possible, so […]

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