Beach Outfit Ideas

Friday August 11th 2017

When the weather starts to heat up and you start dreaming about the beach, it’s time to evaluate your beach wardrobe. Maybe it’s been years since you bought new swim gear, or maybe you like to refresh every summer. Either way, new trends in swim fashion and advancements in skin protection technology are both good […]

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Best Times to Go to the Bahamas

Monday August 07th 2017

With any vacation, it’s important to check the peak months for the region to which you are considering travel. Many places have very cold or very warm months, so getting the most out of your vacation means going when it’s most temperate. The great thing about the Bahamas is that it’s a tropical region, meaning […]

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Duty-Free Shopping in the Bahamas

If you are considering a trip or cruise to the Bahamas, you might have heard about duty-free shopping. But, if you aren’t a frequent international traveler, you might be wondering, what’s the big deal with duty-free shopping? Duty-free shopping is an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on duty (tax) free items. We’ll introduce you […]

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Travel Insurance, What You Should Know

If you’ve never been on a cruise to the Bahamas before, you might not know that you will spend much of your time on the ship, and that there is a doctor on board. You might think that this means that you don’t need to check your insurance coverage before disembarking. However, there are other […]

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