5 Facts you didn’t know about the Bahamas

The Bahamas islands are an exotic getaway everyone wants to experience at least once in their lifetime. It is rich in culture and unique in all its ways.  There is something quite intriguing about this beautiful yet mysterious island that draws us all closer. Here are a few facts that we bet you didn’t know about the Great Bahamas.

The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited by people. Makes you wonder what you might find on the rest of them, doesn’t it? Of the 30 islands, Andros is the largest and is well known for the third largest barrier reef in the world

The famous Junkanoo street parades are the most celebrated festival in the Bahamas. It is a display of various dance troupes and musicians parading through the streets in vibrant costumes. Nassau being the capital hosts the largest and liveliest Junkanoo party parades in the country.

The renowned beaches of the Harbour islands are known for their beautiful pink color. The unique part of this beach is that the unusual color of the sand is caused by Foraminifera, a microscopic coral insect with a bright red or pink shell. Another fact about this beach is that it can be walked on barefoot as it is always cold. Lovely isn’t it?’

The Lucayan National Park is the longest known underwater cavern in the world. But did you know how these underwater caves came to be? During the glacial period, the sea level was as low as 250 feet below its present level.  Constant acid rain caused the limestones to erode forming the caves we see today.

The most popular seafood on the island is CONCH. Yes, the commonly known collectible shell is actually a delicacy in the country. It is used in several different dishes and thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re ever in town make sure you try it.

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