5 things to do when you are in the beautiful Bahamas


Be it snorkeling, exhilarating boat rides, refreshing yoga sessions or spectacular eco-tours, a Bahamas vacation comes packed with a whole list of thrills that is sure to keep you fascinated all along!

One of the most gorgeous beach-side cities in the world, Bahamas is famous for its repute as a tourists’ haven when it comes to bountiful nature and exuberant city spirit.  Be it the exquisite, beaches, the fragrant ocean breeze, the satin sunshine or the amazingly lush national parks and tropical greenery- Bahamas has never dampened the mirth of travelers. Blissful coastal neighborhoods, pristine pink and golden sand beaches and the sparkling sapphire water of the Caribbean has made the magnificent Bahamas one of the top favorite travel destinations among tourists.

Make the most of your holiday by opting from a variety of fun-filled activities: soak in the sunshine or go beach combing; shop from posh brand-stores or party till you drop in one of the coolest clubs of the town. Coming with ceaseless entertainments and majestic spots to visit, Bahamas will never fail to spellbind you with its natural beauty and hip city vibe.

Here are five quintessential activities to set out for while you are in the Bahamas, that will help you unwind and make your Caribbean vacation truly unforgettable.

Beach combing:

The Bahamas’ pleasant, sunny weather makes it a top favorite amongst tourists for a vibrant sun-soaking holiday ordeal. Some of the islands’ best places for an ultimate relaxing experience can be found near the country’s clear blue water shore-line. Take a casual stroll at the beach, opt for horseback riding or enjoy a simple, idyllic family picnic at the blush colored sand- Caribbean beaches will provide you with endless engagements and ensure you have a thoroughly grand vacation.

Go boating:

Choosing a boat ride will deck out you the opportunity to try a variety of activities at one go, including scuba diving, snorkeling and spear fishing. Experience the wonderful aqua life and explore thousands of exotic marine creatures on a long boat trip. You can also lounge on one of the spotless sand beaches and relish a savoring lunch right next to the splashing blue waves.


A stunning marine biodiversity of stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins and sharks could be found right beneath surface sparkle of the Caribbean ocean. Snorkeling here will provide you breathe-taking sights of rainbow coral reefs, mysterious underwater caves and sinkholes bursting with numerous aquatic species.

National parks:

There are quite a few famous national parks in the Bahamas that offer a heavenly tropical experience to travelers: lush landscapes spread through several acres full of profuse tropical greenery including palm, pine and mangroves. The famous Lucayan National Park here contains the impressive Gold Rock Beach, as well as the Burial Mound Cave and Ben’s Cave, which together form one of the world’s longest underwater limestone cave systems.

Private islands:

A special sight-seeing destination in the Bahamas, a few private islands feature exclusive boutique retreats that hand out spa-like luxuries to tourists while others offer activities like sea tours and swimming with dolphins. You can also opt for a cruise ship tour to one of the far away islands. Each island, for a price, will offer you several water sports, cabanas and eco-tours among other exciting leisure activities.

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