5 Travel Insurance Myths

While there are some people who take travel insurance seriously for their trip, simultaneously there are countless others, a much larger number, who think it is an unnecessary expense. Reason being, there are several myths which surround travel insurance. We understand if you get puzzled by pre-existing travel conditions or get confused by claims. So let’s discuss five travel insurance myths and make you a better traveller than you already are:

‘Nothing can happen on a trip’

One of the most prevalent and existing myths believed by a traveller. Ask yourself, what will you do if you miss a flight, your passport gets stolen or sudden illness? These are some minor reasons why travel insurance is needed. You can save a substantial amount of money which you’ve spent on travel expenses.

Purchasing travel insurance is complex

Many of you believe purchasing travel insurance is difficult because of the lengthy procedure that comes with it. But, in this digital era, everything can be purchased online or over the phone and it’s a matter of a few minutes.

Impossible to claim unless there’s a calamity

Another strong myth surrounding travel insurance policies is that it is impossible to claim unless something massive has happened. This isn’t entirely true. If you go to efficient travel insurance, you can file and claim the amount for any event that is covered under the policy like baggage loss, cancellation of the trip, medical emergencies, etc.

Won’t need. Not an adrenaline junkie

Again, a travel insurance policy is not only meant for travellers who are planning on indulging in some adventures. Not everybody who heads out for a holiday has this planned, so what about their coverage? There are many other unfortunate occurrences while travelling which your travel insurance policy will cover you for, among other things.

All Travel Insurance policies are almost alike

This again is a solid myth. There are a number of travel insurance policies available, online and offline, provided by a number of leading banks and companies. One gets a variety of travel insurance policies catering to customers of varying age groups and covering worldwide destinations. So, all you need to do is select the best policy that fits your requirement.

We’re sure by now we could dispel some of your travel insurance myths. Knowing the truth and ignoring the myths will make you a better traveller. Safe travels! To know more Call Us Today!

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