Beach Outfit Ideas

Beach Outfit IdeasWhen the weather starts to heat up and you start dreaming about the beach, it’s time to evaluate your beach wardrobe. Maybe it’s been years since you bought new swim gear, or maybe you like to refresh every summer. Either way, new trends in swim fashion and advancements in skin protection technology are both good excuses for diving in and figuring out what to wear on the beach.

Cool Beach Outfits

When it comes to being cool, on the beach this can be literal or metaphorical. While the ocean is only a few steps away, it can still get pretty hot on some days. Keeping cool is a matter of coming prepared.





If the forecast says it’s going to be hot on your beach day, try these cooling towels. All you have to do is get it wet, and the cooling technology will activate. You can wear this around your neck or put it over your face while sunbathing. Planning on playing some beach volleyball? Wear it as a bandana around your forehead.





Like going for walks down the beach? Remember to stay hydrated and carry water with you. This cool water flask has a carrying pouch and strap, so you never have to search to quench your thirst. Plus, it keeps your water cold for hours, even in the heat.



If you are looking for the latest trends, try these great bohemian coverups. The bohemian trend originated in the Bahamas, so wearing this look is appropriate for that dream cruise vacation. Boho chic swimwear should be easy to wear, flowing, and involve handmade elements. Crochet, lace, and knit materials are excellent additions to your beach look. While these materials can be heavy, there are many lightweight options. For purchase, here is look one, look two, and look three.

What to Wear on Beach

Sometimes it can be intimidating to plan your beachwear when you think about all those beach bodies out there to compete with. If you don’t have that perfect trim figure, don’t worry, there are lots of options for being comfortable on the beach.

If you want to stay covered, you don’t have to look like your grandma to do it. There are some great fashionable options out there for men and women.








Check out this fringed, striped coverup that fits a large range of sizes.








For men, you don’t have to wear that ratty old t-shirt to feel covered and comfortable. And, if you can avoid making that farmer’s tan worse, even better. Try this sleeveless swim tank from O’Neill.


UV Protection

Of course, protecting your skin from the sun is very important. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “the vast majority of melanomas are caused by the sun. In fact, one UK study found that about 86 percent of melanomas can be attributed to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.”  New technology is always emerging in UV protective clothing, and you don’t have to forgo looking stylish for being safe.







For women, this adorable suit covers your upper body, the area most likely to get sunburned.








The ZAY swim line also has some great coverage options, some with more and some with less.






For men (and women and everyone), maybe you don’t want to wear a rash guard or swim top, but you want awesome, non-greasy sunscreen. Try this great product. It brushes on dry and is sweat and water resistant. No need to wash your hands afterward. Just use the handy applicator and go.


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