Four Bahamas Adventures You Shouldn’t Skip

Bahamas AdventuresIf your thoughts are consumed with daydreaming about beaches and pina coladas, you are browsing swimming suits online, and you can’t stop thinking about getting away from it all, you may have a case of “vacationitis.” Don’t worry,  there are plenty of treatment options available. The easiest way to treat these agonizing symptoms is to book a Bahamas cruise vacation. But, you might ask, I like a little adventure in my vacations, what do the Bahamas have to offer me? Well, look no further. Here are the top four Bahamas adventures for the adrenaline junkies out there.

Bahamas AdventuresSurfing

Did you know the longest surf ride recorded happened in 2011 and lasted almost four hours? Whether you are an experienced surfer or a novice, the islands are a great place to learn or get even better. For moderate to difficult surfing, try James Point, Eleuthera or Surfer’s Beach. For more advanced surfing, try Rush Reef, Elbow Cay in the Abaco Islands. For more information on surfing beaches, instruction, videos and more, check out this informative site.



Bahamas AdventuresSnorkeling/Scuba Diving

Explore the beautiful island waters that include a breathtaking scenic route of the underwater creatures. Explore colorful coves home to bright corals and brighter fish. While you need to be certified to scuba, you can snorkel all day without instruction. Many islands in the Bahamas are perfect for even the most inexperienced snorkeler or scuba diver. For the best experience, try Rose Island Reefs, Bimini, or Silver Point Reefs. The blue water and brightly colored tropical wildlife are not to be missed.

Bahamas AdventuresHiking/Exploring Caves

The Bahamas is home to 6 ecosystems that are available for hiking and exploration, including the many “blue holes,” which are the deepest in the world. Blue holes were formed during the ice age, when the ocean froze and the waters receded, leaving the limestone exposed. Rain fell, eroding the soft limestone and creating a massive system of caves. When the ocean waters rose again, blue holes were created.  You can snorkel and dive and also hike through many of these caves systems. For hiking, try Preacher’s Cave. Also, most of the islands have a network of hiking trails to help you explore the interior islands. See incredible wildlife and do more than the typical tourist on the Bimini Nature Hiking Trail.

Bahamas AdventuresKayaking

Kayak through one of the largest creek systems in the private city of Freeport, Grand Bahama, at Dover Sound. If it’s adventure you seek, kayaking is the root of exploration. The term kayak means hunters boat, originally made for hunting. The kayak is very quiet, which allows you to sneak into nature to see the Reddish Egrets Night Herons and Yellow Warblers of the open canopy. For shallower waters, keep an eye out for crabs, snappers, puffer fish and sponges.



There are many more places to explore in the islands for your Bahamas adventures. From jet skis to picnics to trying local foods, you can pick your preferred adventure and make it happen! The memories will last forever.

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