Local Cuisine Must-Haves in the Bahamas


If you think the picturesque beauty of the Bahamas was enough to leave you charmed, chances are, you’ve probably left Bahamas unexplored. The visuals of white sand, palm trees and the serene waters take you to an entire different world of bliss. But the place has much more to offer than just the scenic view.

The Bahamas is not just a cruise destination but also offers exciting and authentic cuisine, a unique culinary combination of Southern American and Caribbean style dishes. The islands reek good food and boasts their love for spices and sea food.
Go ahead and explore a variety of mouth-smacking delicacies. Take a culinary tour to the cruise ports of Nassau, Paradise Island and Freeport. They provide an assortment of dishes combined with a traditional touch and modern appeal.
Here’s a list of the five most popular dishes that you need to try:


Conch is an exquisite Bahamian food, served everywhere from top restaurants to the beach shacks. It consists of an outsized, edible sea snail with tender meat. It is the national dish of the country, prepared in a multitude of different ways like the conch salad, cracked conch, burgers and fritters. Its alleged aphrodisiac nature adds to the popularity and appeal of the dish. It’s one of the most liked dishes and hence has found itself in the must try list.

Boiled Fish with Grits

Find yourself in solace after tasting this comfort food. It’s a bowl of soup made with fillets, potatoes, peppers and onions. This breakfast meal is prepared by simmering the fish in the broth to induce bright flavours. One bowl of this soup is known to keep you energized throughout the day. Coarsely ground corn is added to the soup to enhance its taste.

Red, Yellow or Hog Snapper


Your trip to the Bahamas is incomplete without having tasted the fresh sea food. The red Snapper being the most favoured, yellowtail and hogfish are also preferred by many. The delicious fish is typically served whole along with its head and red tomato sauce. The dish is prepared in three ways: grilled, fried or stewed and each has its unique Bahamian flavour.


Stews are very popular amongst the locals and souse is the hallmark dish. It is bagged with an assortment of flavour spices, chilli peppers and lime. And if you’ve pulled an all nighter of binge drinking, this is the ultimate hangover cure. This dish is mostly served with Johnny cake or fluffy cornbread.

Guava Duff

If fruit desserts are what you crave then a Guava Duff is a must have for you. It is a traditional Bahamian fruit dessert comprising a sweet dough and a special rum or brandy butter sauce, similar to British pudding. The fresh guavas are rolled into the dough, wrapped in a cloth and left to boil in water for three hours. It is drizzled with a buttery sauce to make it extra delicious.

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