5 Best Beaches of The Bahamas

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of a dream vacation by the sea? Cool, fragrant ocean breeze; smooth, powdery sand slipping between your toes, engaging in crazy water sports or a blissful picnic at the beach? For those who love the ocean, there could be no place more perfect than the bountiful Bahamas! From the beach of your dreams and the most fabulous nightlife to a unique cultural potpourri- the islands of the Bahamas will offer you more than you can even dream of! Sign up for an exciting Bahamas vacation today to make your sweet sojourn all the more sizzling!

It’s not easy narrowing down the top five beaches in a place that’s as gorgeous as the Bahamas. With every beach having its own kind of beauty and uniquely different vibes, all Bahamian beaches are magnificent in their own right. Checking out Bahamas cruise vacation packages for your next holiday? You’ll find plenty of customized tour options available as per your requirement- there are kids’ special packages, family packages, solo tours options, and couples’ retreat packages. Whatever the requirement and whoever it is that you are travelling with, holidaying in the heavenly islands of the Bahamas is guaranteed to give you one of the best vacations you ever had. Here’s a list of the top five beaches you should definitely visit during your Bahamas vacation.

Pink Sands Beach:

What could possibly be more romantic than spending a cosy afternoon with your partner at the picturesque pink sand beach of Harbor island! Miles and miles of soft, rosy sand; lively ocean waves and the golden glow of the setting sun melting into the pale pink of the wet shores! One of the most visited beaches in the Bahamas, the place gets its unique colour from the red shells of tiny microbes.

Rose Island:

If you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle and want to sunbathe at a laidback seaside setting, Rose Island is a place you cannot miss out on. Far less crowded than the other beaches, Rose Island offers you an idyllic getaway with stretches of pristine white sand, sparkling sapphire waters and the hypnotic sway of tall palm groves.

Radio Beach:

Enjoy basking in the beauty of charming small-towns? If yes, Radio beach in Bimini is just the right place for you! With calm blue water and a soft, sloping beach area- Radio beach still retains its old-world charms, despite being one of the most popular beaches in the area. Sip daiquiri and margarita from pop-up bars or munch on spicy conch fritters from local stalls at the shore, Radio beach will keep you thoroughly engaged.

Cabbage Beach:

Your Bahamas vacation is bound to remain incomplete without a trip to the marvellous Cabbage Beach in Paradise Island. One of the most visited beaches in the Bahamas, the place offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including snorkelling and other water sports.

Dean’s blue hole:

Perhaps the most stunning beach in Long Island, Dean’s blue hole promises you an outstanding visual treat of a striking natural phenomenon. The place is home to the second deepest saltwater blue hole in the world. Wrap up your Bahamas vacation by soaking up some sun by this gorgeous beach, in case you’re not up to swimming or snorkelling.

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