Travel Insurance, What You Should Know

travelers insurance, what you should knowIf you’ve never been on a cruise to the Bahamas before, you might not know that you will spend much of your time on the ship, and that there is a doctor on board. You might think that this means that you don’t need to check your insurance coverage before disembarking.

However, there are other reasons to consider travel insurance. Answering the questions below will help you to determine if travel insurance is right for you.

What Does Your Current Insurance Cover?

During your Bahamas vacation cruise, you will be heading out of the country. This is why it is important to check with your medical insurance provider to see what kind of coverage is offered while abroad. Even though you will have access to some medical care on the ship, you will be at port sometimes. If something happens to you during that time, you will have to see a doctor on land. Does your medical insurance cover you in that case? You should find out.

Are You Looking At Cruise-Only Insurance Or Full Travel Insurance?

There is a difference between cruise-only insurance and full travel insurance. Cruise-only insurance covers you from the start of your cruise to its end, but may not cover pre-travel, such as flying to and from the originating port.

Also, dealing with seasickness? Planning on getting a daily shot to avoid feeling nauseated all day? You may find that full travel insurance covers the cost of the shot for cheaper than paying out of pocket.

What Areas Of The “Big Three” Does It Cover?

Ask about coverage, specifically about the Big Three. For example, would it cover the cost of being airlifted off the ship if needed? These are the three important coverage points to ask about:

  • Trip cancellation, interruption, or delay.
  • Medical, including airlifting and flight back home if needed.
  • Concierge services—but not what you might think. For example, calling your family if you fall ill or helping you identify doctors while abroad.

Get very specific when discussing each of these 3 key areas. For example, most cruises are non-refundable, but what if a last minute emergency occurs? Sometimes someone gets sick or there is a death in the family. Unavoidable events do happen right before vacation sometimes, don’t get stuck paying for a trip that you don’t take.

Some of the most common reasons for purchasing travel insurance include cancellation of the trip, delay in trip, medical expenses, or lost or stolen baggage. As a general rule, the more coverage you want for your next Bahamas vacation cruise—the more your insurance will cost.  

If you are healthy and traveling with healthy people, you have a smaller chance of getting sick or needing extensive insurance. However, getting some coverage is best. From food poisoning to slip and fall accidents, you can never be too careful. Get travel insurance that fits your needs and get peace of mind.

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